Family Lawyers in the Gold Coast

Family lawyer issues we can help at After Hours Legal in the Gold Coast

Family Law can be confusing to many. At After Hours Legal we have experienced family law lawyers  on the Gold Coast who will be able to assist you in settling your proceedings expeditiously and obtain the very best result for you.

Our Firm provides the following services in Family Law:

  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement
  • Children & Parenting Arrangements
  • Maintenance
  • Family Law / De Facto Agreements & Consent Orders
  • Court Applications & Litigation

If you have queries in Family Law, feel free to contact us on the Gold Coast.

Philip Roberts

  • Senior Lawyer and Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA)
  • Family Law

Amanda Tomlinson

  • Lawyer, B.Bus LLB (Hons), Acc Spec (Fam), and Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association Queensland(FLPAQ)
  • Family Law

They say when you enter the Family Court: “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.” But statistically – 95% of the Family Law matters settle outside court. Only 5% of the matters actually proceed to trial.

We can help you avoid the expensive litigation and save you money.