Conveyancing & Commercial

We're experts in Conveyancing & Commercial Law on the Gold Coast

Part of our company’s services to you is to provide legal advice in the commercial business and property industries.

Our expert commercial lawyers are able to provide the following services to cater for our client’s


  1. Buying and selling houses, land and units
  2. Negotiating and Drafting business transactions
  3. Incorporation of Companies and Trusts
  4. Asset Protection Strategies
  5. Business Succession Planning
  6. Partnerships
  7. Bankruptcy
  8. Commercial Litigation
  9. Franchises

With our team of experienced conveyancing and commercial solicitors on the Gold Coast, we are able to assist you in understanding your situation and providing the solution you deserve.

What is OSR, DERM, OFT? The jargon in Conveyancing can be so confusing.